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Planting a Banyan tree
Banyan (ficus) could be a style of a tropical tree that’s ideal for being a tree. In virtually each tree exhibition, this plant sort forever occupies the most effective position. Having a banyan tree could be a matter of pride for collectors as a result of this tree offers a comforting aura.

Making a banyan tree looks to be terribly simple, as a result of the banyan has the characteristics of being simple to measure and quick in terms of enlarging its branches. However, truly creating a banyan tree into an extremely long tree, as a result of to form proportional slimming and creating a pretty cover needs patience related to winding down the banyan leaf.

Many tree farmers need to cultivate by planting them within the field before getting into the pot, the goal is to quickly grow giant stems and program roots. This method is well-tried to be quick, however, tree trunks tend to not have the character of previous trees.

The vogue of the Ficus bengalensis tree that seems nowadays is additionally carried over by the Taiwanese style, heavyset tree, bun, branching showing neatness organized left, right, back so on in order that the impression of the Ficus bengalensis that we frequently encounter in Indonesian nature doesn’t seem (dashing banyan, branching banyan random however still reflects durable trees, irregular hanging roots and banyan roots hanging all told directions. This is a challenge for Defender, to form a banyan tree with flavor / Indonesian vogue.
Making / Growing Hanging Roots

Tricks and Tips for Hanging Root Growth in a very Banyan tree could be a straightforward thing: by laying off the bark of the branch to be created by hanging roots with a pointy knife, strive all-time low half. then apply the soil to the scar, typically the roots can grow. so as for the hanging root to achieve the bottom, use a pipet/juice straw to purpose straight to the bottom in order that the foundation can grow lengthwise following the pipette right down to the bottom and not dry.

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