This is the special genus Ficus spp tree for all times

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The genus Ficus spp tree (fig wood) is therefore acknowledged in Latin and is termed fig trees or figs in English. However, fig wood has several species. the simplest acknowledged is that the Ficus bengalensis (Ficus Benjamina-Miq) due to its options for the lifetime of living things.

inline with Edward Tang, one amongst the ecology consultants United Nations agency additionally worked at the Palung Foundation, said; The genus Ficus spp tree doesn’t modification if you say that it’s a brilliant market (a grocery store) for the lifetime of all living things as a result of it perpetually provides or as a supplier of wants (delicious dishes) within the sort of fruit from the tree.

According to many information sources, it seems that fig wood has the foremost abundant species within the world, 850 species, unfold throughout Asia, America, Latin America, and Africa. Most kinds of fig wood ar as a home, a supply of food for birds and animals.

Ficus crassiramea or its equivalent word {ficus|Ficus|genus Ficus|dicot genus|magnoliopsid genus} stupenda is mostly cosmopolitan and is found in primary and secondary rain forests within the lowlands to the hills, as an example at the Panti Branch analysis Station, Gunung Palung park. genus Ficus crassiramea could be a supply of food for a range of breath of life, particularly for animals; birds, like hornbills and species of tiny birds. Besides that, primates love this tree-like orangutan, sailors, kelempiau, monkey varieties. additionally, tiny mammals like rats, porcupines, and crackers love fig wood. Fig wood plants (banyan trees) are acknowledged to possess vines, and their host (new root candidates) grow on alternative plants.

The presence of fig trees additionally, contributes greatly to humans. there’s additionally the foremost special of genus Ficus Benjamina-Miq fig wood. Special as a result of as a tree that will go sources (storing, riveting clean water sources) and may sustain, stop erosion.

That said, fig-trees are undeniably special for all living things, even fig trees are typically related to mystical things. as an example, in line with an adult male. Ambani (49 years), one amongst the North Kayong individuals said; The Kayong individuals have perpetually believed that the tree is home to spirits like kuntilanak.

In fact, further, Mr. Bandi aforesaid that every day, there have been restrictions on the community to not cut, burn fig wood. Some individuals believe that if it burns it’ll cause an unwellness (disease) that’s troublesome or maybe not cured. The unwellness caused by fig wood ar like mad and allergic disease, he stressed once more.

In addition, the luxurious of the tree cover of the Moraceae will be used as a shielder, learning for all creatures around wherever the Ficus bengalensis grows. Some individuals additionally plant banyan fig trees as protectors likewise as decorations around their homes.
In rain forests additional specifically in the Republic of Indonesia, fig wood is unfolded throughout regions like Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra, and the island. Whereas within the world, the distribution of fig trees like in Asia, America, South America, and Africa.

It is not wrong if we tend to are all duty-bound to take care of and preserve every kind of fig wood, as a result of fig wood is that the supply of life.

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