The Benefits of Banyan Trees square measure Uncountable, however, are often “Deadly”

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It has several advantages forever however there also are those who will take life. Inevitable, not a number of living creatures square measure helped and might survive as a result of this plant. Then the question is, what quite plant is that?

Most people decision it fig wood or its scientific name is known as dicot genus spp., known as fig trees or figs in English. In the Republic of Indonesia, there square measure several names for this tree. additionally, to fig wood, some decision it a Ficus bengalensis, aces or keraye in West Kalimantan, additional specifically in Tanah Kayong (a term for the districts of Ketapang and North Kayong).

This plant has several advantages forever starting from its roots will hold up for living things, to the fruit as a supply of food for hornbills and alternative tiny birds. Monkeys and orangutans conjointly prefer to eat their fruit.

In addition to living things, the advantages of this tree also are felt by heavenly body beings. several myths say that the tree became their favorite place to measure.

In essence, this plant is extremely helpful for all creatures created by God. If the tree has an adult massive, then the operate for the atmosphere additional and additional, like supporting the soil, flood protection, and avalanche resistance.

Ficus racemosa or tree clusters grow on the banks of rivers. as a result of it’s situated near to water, do not be shocked once it bears fruit, the tree is invaded by animals, particularly tiny birds, monkeys, and squirrels. however specifically for orangutans and hornbills, they just like the dicot genus stupenda kind tree

There is conjointly a tree plant which will be eaten up by humans, called the tree alias fig. The fruit is contemporary and dried, made in nutrients like vitamins A and C and made in omega-three and omega-six. However, this tree is never found in the Republic of Indonesia.

There also are tree plants that will strangle or kill alternative plants (fig choking and killing). this kind of fig is Latin for dicot genus annulata Blume, this kind of fig wood is additionally cited as a ride on another plant.

In Kalimantan, this plant is named milk fig wood. Once large, the tree donates the plant it’s riding on and also the plant can die slowly. The tree violence is additionally capable of destroying buildings as is that the case with one among the temples in Kampuchea.

In the Republic of Indonesia, fig wood is unfolded throughout regions like Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra, and Papua. This plant remains usually found once we attend the forest, the yard of the community field, the yard of the house, the college garden, generally conjointly found within the offices of the presidency or non-public agencies. In the Republic of Indonesia, there’s even one party bearing the Ficus bengalensis.

Distribution of fig trees in Asia, America, South America, and Africa. For the kind of additional or less 850 varieties. Great hope, fig trees are often property till later as a result of the functions and advantages that square measure immeasurable for the wants of life for creatures.

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