How to create a Banyan tree

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The art of aerobatics plants or trees is already acquainted with society. The distinctive and rare style of a tree has become its own attraction.

Not astonishingly, a tree has a high marketing worth and become a profitable business chance.

Generally, plants that may be used for tree area unit every kind of woody plants and that have an extended generation like banyan trees, tamarind, pine, citrus, coconut, sapodilla, etc.

Banyan is often used as a tree plant as a result of it’s simple to grow, simple to form, demanding to die and therefore the look of its little and ivied leaves are often cropped simply so it is often created as desired.

The banyan is often refurbished by itself to be created into potted plants. the subsequent area unit the steps that have got to be done.

Preparation of tools and materials

The instrumentation required may be a chrome steel wire with a size of three millimeters and plant scissors for the requirements of forming patterns on the tree stem.

Prepared banyan beetle that’s giant enough and therefore the growing media within the style of pots in accordance with the banyan beetle.

Making planting media and fillers

Potting media is required that includes a solid structure and contains very little nutrients. Filling media that have these criteria area unit soil mixed with sand and tiny pebbles.

Pattern Formation

Bonsai stems area unit shaped with chrome steel wires so they type the specified pattern. Besides the wire functions to create tree stems to a definite pattern, it’s conjointly helpful to carry branches.

This treatment has no definite rules for the way long. The pattern forming method should be done rigorously and to not create the wire break.

The thanks to type a banyan tree pattern is to wrap wire in an exceedingly circle the pattern from the bottom of the branch to the tip of the branch.

If you discover it tough, you’ll use pliers to assist create it easier to wrap the wire around. Wire windings are often set tight, as a result of sometimes the previous wire lines are an honest decoration once tree area unit giant.

Bonsai care

Fertilization, the fertilizer used are often made up of fertilizer that’s dissolved with water. the weather that has got to be consummated area unit element, phosphorus and atomic number 19. These 3 parts area unit is vital for the expansion of each plant, as well as a banyan tree.
Watering, growth media area unit frequently moire with clean water each day.

Pruning and weeding. Pruning is completed on branches and leaves. whereas weeding is completed to scrub the weeds that grow around the growing media. If the nonvascular plant has antecedently been applied to the surface of the growing media, weeding isn’t necessary.
Wire gap

If the rod has submerged the wire, then the wire-wound that’s hooked up is instantly removed. once the wire is opened, consequent solely ought to listen to the expansion of the tree.

If the roots of a tree arise out of management (chaotic and out of the pothole), it’s necessary to switch the pot. The new pot which will be used presently are full of new planting media furthermore.

When tree area unit within the pot with new planting media, banyan tree typically can adapt for two to three weeks. throughout now, let the roots of tree recover and don’t fertilize.

After attempting this methodology, currently, you’ve got your own banyan tree with the pattern you wish. Good luck!

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