Benefits of Banyan within the Development of Forest Areas

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One of the characteristics of the previous cities on the island of Java is that the existence of the sq. within the center of town. within the space of the sq., there’s sometimes a banian.

Being beneath a banian throughout the day is in a position to produce coolness to those beneath. thus it’s not a wierd sight if beneath a banian is usually used as an area for town residents to rest. they are doing not care regarding the noise and warmth around them, as a result of they need gaining comfort beneath a shady tree amid the sound of birds chirping.

The banian is one of the foremost magnetic trees in Indonesian culture. in order that this tree since the earlier period has forever been planted within the center of town mutually of the symbols of power to guard its voters. Even throughout the New Order era, the tree was used as an emblem for the ruling party in Dutch East Indies. Even the banian is one amongst the symbols in Pancasila that is that the philosophy of the State of Dutch East Indies.

Banyan tree or in Latin named Ficus sp. could be a plant of the mulberry family. Ficus is that the largest kindred of the mulberry family that is usually found in Dutch East Indies, each within the highlands and within the lowlands. There square measure regarding one thousand styles of dicot family, 1/2 that square measure Ficus. This plant could be a tree that may reach thirty-five meters high, grows within the soil and a few square measures Hemi-epiphytic.

Banyan could be a plant that has the power to measure and adapt well to varied environmental conditions. additionally, the presence of banyan plants within the forest space is often used as associate degree indicator of the method of forest succession. Banyan is additionally a plant that features a terrible maturity, these plants will live for many years.

Banyan plants have the power as a conservation plant springs and natural slope reinforcement. this will be seen from the deep root structure and lateral roots that grip the soil well. additionally, banyan species square measure illustrious to be the surround of many birds, reptiles, insects and mammals that consume their fruit. So, by planting a banyan, it’ll conjointly indirectly conserve the fauna that produces the banyan as its place of life. this sort of Ficus plant is additionally referred to as a plant for ancient ceremonies in Bali and as a healthful plant. Banyan conjointly features a high ability to soak up pollution during this case carbonic acid gas and lead within the air.

In the method of developing protected forest areas in production forest areas, the banyan has a very important role. that’s as a result of the banyan features a hydrological, ecological, cultural, spiritual and security worth of the forest space. in order that within the development of protected forests, the banyan should be enclosed mutually of the categories of plants that require to be enriched within the space. Enrichment of the banyan species can accelerate the method of a succession of forest areas to succeed in climax conditions.

Hydrological worth

Banyan could be a plant that features a deep root structure and lateral roots that grip the soil well. Banyan is one kind of plant that’s ready to store water reserves within the time of year well and unleash it within the season frequently. usually|this can be} often found in several places, wherever banyan plants forever exist in square measures that are water sources. in order that the banyan has a very important role in maintaining the continuity of installation availableness in a district each throughout the rainy and dry seasons.

Besides that, banyan with a robust and deep rootage could be a plant that’s ready to be a barrier to erosion. Banyan is additionally terribly effective as a barrier to the incidence of landslides in areas that have a steep soil texture.

Banyan could be a plant that may board a spread of maximum environmental conditions, one amongst that is on the rock. With sturdy roots, the plant is in a position to grab massive rocks and hold them from falling down.

Cultural and Spiritual Values

Banyan could be a plant that has high cultural and spiritual values for the individuals of the Dutch East Indies. The existence of a banyan plant in a very place is typically forever identical as an area that has a high ability. The banian is additionally used as a sacred plant for a few Indonesian individuals, particularly for Buddhists and a few spiritual teams.

Under the cool banian, by some Indonesian individuals could be an appropriate place to hold out cultural ritual activities. several varieties of offerings square measure typically found beneath massive banyan trees that square measure many years previous. The banian is believed to be an area wherever numerous varieties of spirits live, numerous individuals create the tree in an area of worship.
Ecological worth

Ecology comes from the Greek, which consists of 2 words, particularly Oikos which implies home or place of life, and logos which implies data. Ecology is outlined because of the study of each interaction between living things and interactions between living things and their atmosphere. thus ecology has associate degree interest in work the interaction of organisms with their atmosphere.

Banyan (Ficus spp.) could be a species that features a terribly high ecological worth within the forest space. additionally to functioning as a biology erosion guard and storage of water reserves is additionally a plant that’s extremely most well-liked as a life surround.

Banyan could be a supply of food for many species of birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Hanging banian roots could be a playground for many styles of primates. Besides that, banyan is additionally a topographic point for birds, reptiles, and mammals.

In the banian, there’s an awfully advanced organic phenomenon interaction. The interaction could be a dependent relationship of mutuality between species that exist there. thus by some ecologists, the banian is usually used as associate degree indicator that forests that plant vegetation of the Ficus spp. could be a forest that’s in a very climax or within the method of succession to a climax.

In square measures of plantations that are allowed to grow naturally while not human help, the banian can grow by itself. the method of banyan propagation in nature is that the role of life that fare seeds. sometimes the animals that play a giant role within the method of banyan distribution in nature square measure species of seed eaters and primates.

These animals eat the banyan seeds, then throw them through the stool or mouth in a very totally different place from the place wherever the mother banyan origin. The seeds can germinate within the soil or become parasites in different plants (Hemi-epiphytes).

Although the distribution of banyan in nature is often done by life, however, to accelerate the method of natural forest formation it’s necessary to hold out activities of banyan enrichment. the method of getting ready seeds for banyan species enrichment activities are often done by seeding or by stem cuttings.

Security worth of Forest Areas

Besides being thought of as a sacred tree by Buddhists, the banian is additionally thought of as a “ghost tree” by most Indonesian individuals. banian is believed to be the residence of varied styles of spirits. The community thinks that by troubling the banyan suggests that they need conjointly disturbed the spirits within the tree. in order that the general public doesn’t dare to disturb the existence of the tree.

The existence of a banian is in a position to extend the protection of the forest space wherever the tree is found. that’s as a result of the existence of a banian in a very forest space that will increase the ability of the world. Forest square measures that are vegetated with banyan trees are going to be thought of as haunted forests. In fact, it’s not uncommon for forest areas with banyan-vegetated trees to be used as “prohibited forests” by communities around the forest. A prohibited forest could be a forest space that can’t be freely entered by the community. This sometimes arises from the myths or legends that develop in communities around the forest.

With their haunted standing, individuals round the forest can sometimes feel afraid to enter the forest space wherever there square measure banyan trees. thus indirectly within the absence of individuals getting into the forest space, the forest space is going to be safe from the activities of forest destruction by humans. Besides that, banyan is additionally a ligneous plant that isn’t created as an artefact. in order that the banyan is assessed as a plant that may not be taken or cut by wood thieves.

Forest security by the forest itself could be a pattern of only} and most effective forest security. With such a security pattern, there’ll be no social conflict or casualties in forest protection activities. Forest managers will be greatly aided in terms of each energy and price in securing forest areas.

Seeing the potential for security that features a massive impact on forest areas, banyan trees are literally smart for developing protected forest areas however conjointly smart for planting in production forest areas. within the production space, banyan is often used as intercropping, edge or fill for forest staple crops. Besides functioning as a watcher for the world, the banyan conjointly functions as a plant that’s ready to increase diverseness within the production space.

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